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(Available end 2018)
Anybody (students, parents), teachers, Social Innovation Practitoners (SIP) who want to contribute can register here. Selfregistration needs confirmation by us.
Selfregistration will be available 9.2018. For reading the outcomes, registration is not necessary. The first outcomes are expected end of this year (2018).
SIPs can already register now. But anyway they need to be confirmed. Please fill the text fields in English if possible.
At least the fields with a red star have to be filled by anybody. You also need to choose your preferred language (default and best is english) and the "Desired Role" you wish to take over (user/student, teacher, SIP) in NEMESIS.
Everything can be changed later, but for teachers and SIPs we need additional information mentioned in table for registration.
Fields to fill
Username, name, surname, gender, E-Mail address at least
additional: name of your institution/school, city, country
additional (if available): name of social enterprise, website, short description, field of work etc